Presenting for the Umass Alumni Assoc.

Ever wonder how to use the web and social networking to land your dream job? Well, join me at the New Year, New Career: Where the Jobs are 2010 workshop on 02/23/10. We will be exploring how to most effectively utilize job search sites and… Continue reading

Boinc! Do something good with your computer!

Do you want to help solve diseases, aid in scientific discovery of the universe or help elucidate the next major breakthrough in physics? Well, you can! Continue reading

Why no Administrator? – Least Privilege!

Consistently I encounter new clients who have had their IT systems set up in less than optimal security configurations. One troubling issues is the prevalence (in the small/medium business space) of general office users having local (or even Domain) Administrator account. The administrator account in Windows allows you to generally manage the machine in terms of its configuration and installed software. At first glance this would sound like a great idea. Shouldn’t every user in a company be able to add programs or change settings as they see fit? The problem is that the risks of such a configuration FAR outweigh any benefits. Here is just a few of the supernumerary reasons why NOT to give administrator to anyone other than trained IT professionals. Continue reading

Kiva – Join me in making a change is a website and peer to peer lending platform that allows you to make a positive impact in the third world. Traditional banking institutions have largely ignored the poorer members of society in the developing world, giving no access to the very capital so… Continue reading

Keeping Your Kids Safe Online

I often get questioned from many of my friends with kids about what can be done to keep them safe on the Internet.  The online threat to kids comes in many forms, so its important that parents take steps to address it.  Cyber bullying, cyber… Continue reading

Florida Linux Show

I am happy to report that the second Florida Linux Show was an outstanding success!  The show was quite a gathering of dedicated and enthusiastic Open Source professionals.  Despite being ill, I attended as many great presentations and even gave one myself.  My presentation on… Continue reading

FOSS Gaming survey closed – thanks to all

The FOSS Video Game survey is now closed. The prize winner has been notified and allotted the project prize to the Nexuiz team. Congrats Eron/Nexuiz and thank you to all who participated! The results summary are in my presentation on FOSS Gaming Free FUN! as… Continue reading

Are you a PC gamer? Survey now closed…

If you are a gamer, I am looking for your feedback with a short 10 minute survey. Open Source software has had a tremendous influence in nearly every area of computing – including the gaming space. The goal of this survey is to get a… Continue reading

Dental Marketing – Marketing Strategy in 5 Easy Steps

Often in my professional circles I hear misinformed notions of what marketing really is. Many think that a Google PPC campaign is the be and end all of modern “marketing.” Of course as a Marketing and SEO/SEM pro I can vouch for its powerful and… Continue reading

Malware in search engine results & what you can do about it…

As a digital citizen we all interact with an “underbelly” of the Internet a daily basis – sometimes without even knowing it.  Lets face it, the Internet is not a safe place.  Whether using email, instant messaging, web surfing and even social networking the risks… Continue reading