Malware in space! Oh my!

In my nearly 20 years in IT Security I have seen some strange things — but this takes the cake. When I saw the coverage that the ISS (International Space Station) had been infected with malware I had to laugh. Malware in space!? Is this… Continue reading – Mr. Postel is smiling at you…

Sometime life just gives us unexpected comedy nuggets in the most random of places. For example, the other day I was walking home from a client and I stumbled upon a company car with the following logo on its backside: Tom 508.555.1212 (obfuscated to… Continue reading

What is the future of Open Source?

Often over these last few years I have been getting into a consistent conversation with friends within the Free/Open Source movement regarding its trajectory.  What does the future hold for FOSS (Free and Open Source Software)?  Will become the dominant model for the software industry… Continue reading

Microsoft Customer Experience Improvement = Humorous

Sometimes the IT world is just plain funny. For anyone who has had the experience of working with Windows Vista, you may have seen this option post install upon initial boot up. Continue reading

Disaster Recovery wake up call for all…

Disaster Recovery is no joke but for many firms it’s not taken seriously. Organizations without a plan and calculated investment can suffer dire consequences. Continue reading

IPCop a Great FOSS Firewall…

A while back, I wrote an article series on the great IPCop firewall project which I have happily used for a few years now.  If you are looking for a quality, stable and cost effective firewall solution you may want to check out this amazing… Continue reading