Evolutionary IT Gives Back 2015

At Evolutionary IT we believe in corporate social responsibility. As always, we hold the primary charter of providing the best of breed IT solutions to our customers – but we acknowledge the need of our business to give back to the community and world which… Continue reading

PCI Compliance and PoS Security

If you run a business that processes credit card payments you know the difficulties of PCI compliance. Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is a security standard that applies to any organization that accepts, process or store credit card data.  The PCI Standard… Continue reading

HIPAA, HITECH, PCI Compliance Failures

Many businesses hold inaccurate assumptions on achieving and maintaining compliance in the face of complex regulations in their industry. Primarily, they assume compliance is a one time project rather than an ongoing process. Most often it is something they completed several years ago by using… Continue reading

Windows 10 Enterprise Wins

Microsoft’s long awaited Windows 10 is feature rich and has many impressive opportunities for the enterprise. It is far and away better than Windows 8 and despite some shortcomings its powerful and feature packed. Herein I’ll address some opportunities the enterprise will enjoy in deploying… Continue reading

Ten Windows 10 Fails and How to Fix Them

As of July 30th Microsoft officially released Windows 10 to much fanfare. As I blogged before, upgrading to it is only for those who want to live on the bleeding edge. If you are one of those brave people who took the plunge you may… Continue reading

To Upgrade or Not to Upgrade

New commercial software comes out everyday but should you upgrade immediately or wait? Recently in my IT consulting practice, I’ve received many requests to this perennial question. This is especially true with the new arrival of Windows 10. Much like any other piece of mission… Continue reading

Is Your Email HIPAA Compliant

Most health care providers and medical practices understand the basics of HIPAA compliance but often miss critical technical or operational details that leave them out of compliance. These technical details are far from inconsequential. Take the example of email. Many health care organizations (covered entities)… Continue reading

HIPAA Compliance Failures

Many organizations are under the erroneous assumption that they can claim compliance by simply buying an inexpensive software package or set of templates. Others simply attempt to go it alone and comply by reinventing the wheel. Many others assume compliance because they work with a… Continue reading

Does HIPAA Apply to My Organization

Healthcare practices & their partners large and small are legally obligated by the HIPAA HITECH and Omnibus regulations to protect the privacy and security of protect health information. These regulations which govern the use PHI (Protected Health Information) its use, storage and processing by healthcare… Continue reading

Sophos Partnership – Best of Breed Security for Network, Endpoint, Servers

You are only as good as the company you keep. The old adage rings true in life, as well as in business. Evolutionary IT has a long history of keeping the company of only the best of breed vendors in the IT space. We are… Continue reading