Free Vs. Commercially Supported Anti-Virus

We consistently get the question from small business owners & others: “Why should I pay for anti-virus/anti-malware if I can get it for free?”  Well now!  Free, how can you beat that?!?  In simple non-technical terms it boils down to how effective your anti-malware suite… Continue reading

Evolutionary IT Sponsors Boston AIDS 5K Team

Evolutionary IT’s Joseph Guarino is proud to sponsor and run the Boston 2011 AIDS 5K Run. As a group (Evolutionary IT) we will be running the 5k and helping to raise over $1000 in funds for the AIDS Action Committee programs and services.  If you… Continue reading

Keeping Your Kids Safe Online – Parental Control Software

Constant queries from friends with children on the subject of parental control software brought me to explain the options in depth on this blog.  In previous posts, I’ve explored the options embedded in your operating system (Windows/OSX) and using your router/firewall for content filtering.  Today… Continue reading

Evolutionary IT Rebuilds NOLA with Umass Amherst

Since its inception, Evolutionary IT has been an organization based on values. We value our customer and their success is our every effort. However, we are not without our sense of community and knowledge that giving back is paramount to our collective success. To that… Continue reading

New Business Partnerships

Over the last few months Evolutionary IT has developed an exciting new business partnerships that will be of considerable benefit to our customer base.  With over 20 years in the Boston/New England IT/Business consulting marketplace we know have a focus on delivering only the highest… Continue reading

Keeping Your Kids Safe Online – Content Filtering w/ Your Router/Firewall

Many of my friends with children often ask how to best keep them safe from some of the dubious content on todays Internet.  The good news is there are many ways to do so but the bad news is that they are often poorly documented,… Continue reading

Social Media For Dentists Part II

From working with dental, medical practices for the past 15 years, (and owing one myself) I understand how hard it is to wear many hats. Often things we ought do fall by the wayside because of of more pressing day to day tasks. This is… Continue reading

Social Networking Security Threats

A recent discussion on one of the many mailing lists I’m on brought to the fore an all to common and often misunderstood threat in social networking – malware. Continue reading

Social Media For Dentists Part 1

It is surprising to me how few dentists/dental practices are actually using social media to build their practice.  Social media sites like Facebook and Twitter allow you to connect with your patient base and even prospect for new ones.  Largely, prospective patients are not using… Continue reading

Massachusetts Privacy Law – MA 201 CMR 17.00

Massachusetts Privacy Law, 201 CMR 17.00 went into effect as of March 1st, 2010. This regulation requires any companies, or individuals which stores personal information (PI) on MA residents to properly secure that data or face costly fines. Continue reading