Enabling Secure Remote Work

Today’s technology enables unrivaled options for securely working remotely. With a variety of tools you and your team can work from home or on the go. Do you want to enable your workers to remotely work? Your in luck, there’s a vast array of options that can help. Herein we’ll explore some of the technologies and capabilities that empower remote workers.


In its many forms, the cloud can enable users to connect and work without traditional boundaries of physical location of the company itself. The cloud gives your workers flexibility to securely remotely connect to an application on nearly any devices. The cloud expands your remote work options dramatically in every area of modern computing.

Cloud Office Suites

Cloud productivity and collaboration suites such as Google Gsuite and Microsoft Office 365 (among others) yield a full suite of applications available from any device. Users have access to the full depth and breath of applications they would have on a desktop: email, file share, office suite, voice and video calls – all in a single suite of applications.

Video Conferencing

Video conferencing software allows you to remotely connect with coworkers to collaborate as if you were there in person. These tools are highly integrated into the various cloud business productivity suites such as Google G suite or Microsoft Office 365. Easy telecommuting conference meetings, webinars, are a click away with video conferencing a part of your remote work toolbox.

Cloud Desktop

There are many cases where your staff might need a dedicated desktop with a very specific configuration not offered in an off the shelf SaaS (Software As a Service) solution. In that instance you can deploy a desktop in the cloud and allow your users to access it securely from anywhere.

VPN (Virtual Private Networks)

VPNs (Virtual Private Networks) are a powerful way to securely connect disparate networks of an untrusted network such as the Internet. This creates a secure tunnel from one point to another so that all traffic flowing is encrypted. This allows you to many things: remotely connect to your office for accessing legacy applications, securely connect to cloud resources, even secure cloud to cloud access.

Remote Access

Besides VPNs there are a variety of remote access tools that let you to securely connect to a work desktop at a remote location. These tools let you securely connect as if present in the office through a secure application. There are a variety of on-premise and cloud solutions to enable remote access to your business.

VoIP (Voice over IP)

Voice over IP technology enables voice and multimedia communication over the Internet. It is the evolutionary step (technologically) from POTS (plain old telephone services of days past. Many small to medium businesses today utilize cloud based VoIP solutions which offer the ultimate in flexibility. For example, users don’t need to be at their desk to use their phone. Instead they can use a soft phone (a software based phone) or a VoIP phone that allows them to make calls from anywhere.

BC/DR (Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery)

Business continuity and disaster recovery are critical ongoing processes. All of these tools are helpful in challenging situations where you can’t get to the office. This doesn’t mean you can exclude them from your disaster recovery and business continuity planning in any way. Any critical IT resource requires DR/BC planning from its inception to deployment. This is true even if it is housed in the cloud with a 3rd party provider. Careful planning for recovery and continuity is critical and should be a continual process.

Need to enable your workers to work from home? We have you covered. Evolutionary IT has a wide array of solutions and support to keep your business going on-premise or remote. Contact us today for more information on our secure remote access solutions.

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