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Free and Open Source Software

Boinc! Do something good with your computer!

Do you want to help solve diseases, aid in scientific discovery of the universe or help elucidate the next major breakthrough in physics? Well, you can! Continue reading

FOSS Gaming survey closed – thanks to all

The FOSS Video Game survey is now closed. The prize winner has been notified and allotted the project prize to the Nexuiz team. Congrats Eron/Nexuiz and thank you to all who participated! The results summary are in my presentation on FOSS Gaming Free FUN! as… Continue reading

Are you a PC gamer? Survey now closed…

If you are a gamer, I am looking for your feedback with a short 10 minute survey. Open Source software has had a tremendous influence in nearly every area of computing – including the gaming space. The goal of this survey is to get a… Continue reading

What is the future of Open Source?

Often over these last few years I have been getting into a consistent conversation with friends within the Free/Open Source movement regarding its trajectory.  What does the future hold for FOSS (Free and Open Source Software)?  Will become the dominant model for the software industry… Continue reading