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Protect Your Company from Phishing

Phishing attacks are a constant threat to organizations small and large. This post will explore some basic tips (technology and process) to keep you and your business safe in the face of this seemingly endless threat. According to the APWG (Anti-Phishing Working Group), The number… Continue reading

Lenovo Superfish Lessons – Manufacturers It’s Time to End Crapware

Sadly, the adware, spyware, crapware problem has been around for ages. PC makers, smartphone manufacturers, tablet makers and many others have loaded up new computing devices with oodles of junk software on with claiming they want to offer customers choices and much needed “features”. In… Continue reading

Two Factor Authentication Virtual & Hardware MFA – Part II

In this second installment (see Two Factor Authentication & Password Managers – Part I ) on two factor or two step authentication I’ll explore in more depth both virtual and physical two factor authentication options you can start using today. In my Boston based IT… Continue reading

Windows XP & HIPAA Compliance

It isn’t new news – yet some have buried their head in the sand for far too long. As of April 8th 2014 Microsoft will no longer be support Windows XP in any form. This means that users of Windows XP will not receive patches,… Continue reading

Two Factor Authentication & Password Managers – Part I

In my Boston based international IT consulting practice — I get lots of questions from customers on information security issues of the day. A most common issue I hear is about password security and even more frequently – two factor authentication. In this first installment… Continue reading

Tis the Season for Malware & Phishing

During every holiday season there is an unfortunate surge in malware and cybercriminal activity. As we the lawful consumers gear up to show our thanks and generosity to our friends and family cybercriminals lie in wait to thieve at every email, page and click. With… Continue reading

Death of Windows XP – It’s the Xpocalypse

Time to Upgrade Software, (like anything else) has a finite life span. Unlike the overblown predicted Y2K armageddon or the more recent Mayan apocalypse this one has real consequences – at least in the world of information technology. As of April 8th 2014 Microsoft will… Continue reading

Speaking at CSF – Quick and Simple Guide to Information Security

I’m very excited to be presenting for the 4th time at the annual Cambridge Science Festival. For those that might not be familiar — it is a celebration showcasing fun and the leading edge in Science, Technology, Engineering, and/or Math in New England region. A… Continue reading

Small Business IT Myth – Information Security is For Big Corporations Only

My experience in IT spans nearly 20 years working in everything from the smallest 1 person firm to the largest global multinationals. As a result, I’ve seen how organizations of different sizes deal with the issue of information security. Small businesses more often than not… Continue reading