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Why You Need HTTPS on Your Website

Most any web user can tell you when they visit a website that uses HTTPS. They know this by the green lock in browser or the HTTPS (vs. HTTP) in the address bar. This indicates that you can generally trust your connection to the site… Continue reading

Equifax Breach – What to Do

In July 2017 credit reporting giant Equifax suffered a data breach of epic proportions. Data breaches happen every day but usually not on this scale, magnitude and impact. This breach is very big deal. The data involved in this breach was highly sensitive personally identifiable… Continue reading

5 Steps to Stay Secure in Wake of Heartbleed

It has been all over the news but unfortunately they have focused on the risks and not the ways to protect yourself and your business. Heartbleed is a security bug in a widely used open source cryptographic library. Simply stated, Heartbleed allows for a malicious… Continue reading

How to Recover Your Website from Malware Infection Part II

If you have determined that your website is in fact infected it is best to take it down and restore it from a known clean backup. Yes, I assume much that you have a backup but in Part I of this post I spoke a… Continue reading

Keeping Your Kids Safe Online – Parental Control Software

Constant queries from friends with children on the subject of parental control software brought me to explain the options in depth on this blog.  In previous posts, I’ve explored the options embedded in your operating system (Windows/OSX) and using your router/firewall for content filtering.  Today… Continue reading

Keeping Your Kids Safe Online – Content Filtering w/ Your Router/Firewall

Many of my friends with children often ask how to best keep them safe from some of the dubious content on todays Internet.  The good news is there are many ways to do so but the bad news is that they are often poorly documented,… Continue reading

Social Networking Security Threats

A recent discussion on one of the many mailing lists I’m on brought to the fore an all to common and often misunderstood threat in social networking – malware. Continue reading

Keeping Your Kids Safe Online

I often get questioned from many of my friends with kids about what can be done to keep them safe on the Internet.  The online threat to kids comes in many forms, so its important that parents take steps to address it.  Cyber bullying, cyber… Continue reading

Malware in search engine results & what you can do about it…

As a digital citizen we all interact with an “underbelly” of the Internet a daily basis – sometimes without even knowing it.  Lets face it, the Internet is not a safe place.  Whether using email, instant messaging, web surfing and even social networking the risks… Continue reading