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Friend, Follow, Like & Win $100 Amazon Gift Card

It’s no secret that we love our customers! =) We share this passion in delivering you the best IT solutions to your business problems and sharing our expertise. 2014 for us will be about connecting and serving you even better than ever before – wherever… Continue reading

The Importance of a Website – Website vs Social Media Pages

Not a day passes when self proclaimed “experts” will claim a once acclaimed technology dead. In recent days some have doubted the value of websites over business pages in Facebook, LinkedIN, etc. Pages in these networks allow one to create a simple and feature lacking… Continue reading

Embracing Social Media – What’s Your Social Media Policy?

Recently I have been speaking to several colleagues who work at firms that have strict controls on social media usage. These employees work in highly regulated markets with firms that see social media only in terms of its potential legal/regulatory risks. Management’s myopic view of… Continue reading

Social Media Security

Social Networking allows us so many positives but brings with it key risks we must address in the modern enterprise. Social media can be a great place to connect with new customers, expand our brand presence and even drive sales. At the same time it… Continue reading

What’s Your Social Media Security Plan

The world of social media is often a double edged sword: It can be tremendously powerful tool for business but also a very risky and dangerous place in terms of information security. According to security firm Sophos malware and spam rose 70 percent on social… Continue reading