Cloud Computing Isn’t the Death of the IT Department

Sometimes when unauthentic, less than reputable sales people call me to pitch their latest and greatest, I like to listen to their pitch and chuckle inside.  Recently I got a call from a self-professed cloud computing “expert” sales man. His pitch and the exchange went something like this:

Salesman: “Did you read our white paper on IT workforce cost savings driven by investing in cloud architectures”

JG (That’s me): “No, I don’t generally read white papers, Unless I’m having trouble sleeping. Um, no but seriously, I don’t generally read those – pretty much ever.”

Salesman: “ (Laughter) Well, we have a technology that will allow you to run your business without need any investment in IT personnel.”

JG: “Wow, eliminate IT? REALLY?!? (Chuckle to myself…)

Salesman: “Yes, our comprehensive cloud solution allows you to run your business without IT involvement.”

JG: “I’m sure glad you called but I’m not interested. I work building cloud computing solutions (as a part of a mix of services) for small, medium and large IT organizations. Fact is, I couldn’t disagree more with your opinion on this. Cloud computing may reduce the needs of some IT organizations but it will not entirely eliminate it. But I appreciate your call and wish you the best.

REALLY?!? Eliminate IT? This is the drivel I’ve hear from “expert” management consultants who usually lack any experience in the IT world and make exaggerated post-mortem proclamations of the death of IT. Truth is the cloud doesn’t mean traditional IT goes away; it just means it changes – it evolves. You don’t magically have no need for your desktop support, server/network administrators and IT security team and magically have a working infrastructure – it just doesn’t work that way. Here is the fundamental fact: Most Organizations Aren’t 100% Cloud just yet and some service may not be cloud congruent for the foreseeable future. There is an industry move toward the cloud but no way to eliminate many of the core IT services and employees needed by most traditional IT organizations.

I appreciate sales organizations that approach customers with honesty and integrity as I do as an IT consultant at Evolutionary IT. Be knowledgeable, forthright and set realistic and truthful expectations for customers. This it the Evolutionary IT way and it ought to be industry best practice.  Unfortunately, it isn’t always so.

2 thoughts on “Cloud Computing Isn’t the Death of the IT Department”

  1. Normally I do not read blogs, but this cloud computing write-up is very good! You are right, cloud computing isn’t going to survive without the desktop, network and help desk support. Thanks, very nice article.

    1. James,
      Thanks so much for your comment. Cloud computing is a vital part of the evolution of IT and I’m happy to see it as an option. Still, it doesn’t take away from the need of qualified technical people to keep things humming. =) Please keep the comments coming.

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