Cloud Computing Means IT Evolved

Many Information Technology workers and IT departments are outwardly hostile to cloud computing and cloud technologies. Erroneously, they assume that it is another technology that means the end of jobs in the IT sector – I couldn’t disagree more. Misguided high level self-titled management consultants have “predicted” that information technology will die and the cloud will magically make that happen. This also, couldn’t be further from reality.

The only constant in IT is change (like all science and technology). The cloud is one among many evolutionary steps we are currently seeing. Cloud technologies are changing how IT does its job and IT departments and workers need to come to the realization that this isn’t all bad. Fundamentally it just means the types of jobs required will more toward a more cloud technology focus rather than that of the past. From the IT manager all the way to desktop support this doesn’t mean the magical obsolesce of your IT skills and experience. It just means your skill will be adapted to new problems with new technologies. Technology is merely evolving and so must we.

I’m far from a singular cloud pundit claiming cloud computing is a panacea but I do see a definitive upside to these cloud technologies. To the reluctant, I ask you reexamine and re-frame your understanding of these technologies. They will not be the death of your job or the IT industry – they will be its evolution.  That’s my opinion.  What do you think?

4 thoughts on “Cloud Computing Means IT Evolved”

  1. As always there is going to be retaliation against any kind of evolution, whether it be in IT, Science or really anything that means that we have to expand. Change is necessary for things to get better and in order for people to become more effective and efficient workers. I do not believe either that cloud computing is going to be the end of IT, and people working in the industry should acknowledge that it is simply the next logical step.

  2. Edwin is completely right. Whenever there is any development in anything there are always two sides… Those who adapt and those who oppose. Eventually, those who oppose realise just how crucial it is for them to change the way that they perform to cater to modern needs, and sooner or later the next best thing arrives. I think that the IT industry could be massively improved if more people were forward thinking, instead of relying on the same systems that they have used for years to get things done. IT is constantly evolving, and as such IT professionals need to change with it.

    1. Shawn,
      Right on target. Cloud computing IMHO is an evolutionary step in the world of computing. As you highlight, it is important to be open to new ideas and see them as opportunities and not stumbling blocks. Come back and comment whenever you like!

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