Rogue Cloud & Cloud Sprawl Examined Part I

IT infrastructure decisions diffused throughout an organization without centralized leadership and expertise are always dubious. The decision to invest in technologies involves understanding of many fundamentals that are often not understood (different word) beyond the expertise of IT leadership. Would we entrust our financial leadership of our organizations to the office groundskeeper? Why then do we assume that the decision making process for IT investments should be diffused to parties with little knowledge of the details, implications and even costs of these decisions.

Diffusion of Decisions

The move to the cloud has afforded many other parties outside of IT leadership to invest in quick fix technology solutions that are disastrous long term miscalculations. This epidemic echos the past problems of server and infrastructure sprawl that were so indicative of the last 15 years. In those days, departments that were not getting their needs met took matter into their own hands and purchased “one off” IT solutions outside of the IT auspices. This lead to an overgrowth in it infrastructure that became costly and unmanageable. This eventually required a move toward infrastructure consolidation driven by technologies such as virtualization and eventually cloud technologies.

Cloud Sprawl

Just like the server and infrastructure sprawl of the past – the cloud, (especially SaaS solutions) is proving many of the same challenges. As these decisions are often made with out leadership direction they result in serious financial, security and compliance issues.

This is just my professional experience of living and breathing IT. IMHO, working with the cloud minus a strategic plan and a trusted partner is like attempting to paddle upstream with a spoon – expect to end up somewhere you didn’t intend. Is this your experience with rouge clouds? What are your cloud war stories?

Joseph P. Guarino has a long history of producing business results with the application of information technology. Joseph's expertise span over 15 years in the private sector at leading technology firms and consulting organization. With Evolutionary IT, he saw a market need to bring his transformative knowledge and expertise to firms in the New England area and worldwide. Joseph is driven by a strong desire to see customer's thrive with the best business solutions. Evolutionary IT evolved out of this desire to bring a new level of quality IT solutions, align them with business goals and give customer's a competitive edge.
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