Rogue Cloud & Cloud Sprawl Examined Part II

Cloud Computing Sprawl via BYOD

Cloud computing yields many benefits such as improved affordability, flexibility, and scalability. But with these many blessings, when improperly implemented – come some risks,. Truth be told, the move to the cloud isn’t the problem as much as the way organizations may embrace it. For example, many organizations have embraced BYOD or Bring Your Own Device without a clear plan to address their own information security or even compliance needs. Consumerization and the explosive growth in smart phones and tablets have only accelerated this trend. BYOD is merely one salient example.

Cloud on SaaS Storage Nightmare

Just like the server and infrastructure sprawl of the past – the cloud, (especially SaaS solutions)brings many similar challenges. For instance, your users in a BYOD scenario often have multiple personal computing devices and save your critical/sensitive organizations data and intellectual property to supernumerary public SaaS storage providers. This leads to insecure data everywhere with little control or ability to mitigate risks. Your data is effectively everywhere, and you no longer have clear control over it. Some simple planning with the right IT partner, the right technology and proper process can ameliorate these headaches.

Cloud Computing Compliance & Security

Sadly, this leaves your company’s critical data and intellectual property with no salient way to control or manage it. This is a cloud security nightmare – but it is one that many companies are living with on a daily basis. News stories echo these truths daily. The same problem exists from a compliance point of view. Organization cannot claim compliance to HIPPA, Sarbanes Oxley, or any other existing regulation without a real salient plan for utilizing cloud computing without addressing its many risks. Sadly, companies that fail to address the cloud sprawl issue will see more risks yielded from investing in the cloud than returns.

The Cloud Strategy Imperative

IMHO, working with the cloud minus a strategic plan and a trusted partner is like attempting to paddle upstream with a spoon – expect to end up somewhere you didn’t intend. Is this your experience with rouge clouds? A move to the cloud should be as strategic as any other business investment. Plan ahead and reap the rewards. Fail to plan, plan to fail.

4 thoughts on “Rogue Cloud & Cloud Sprawl Examined Part II”

  1. It is common that companies that begin to implement Cloud computing without sufficient planning, or having an IT specialist to ensure that everything runs smoothly encounter issues along the way. This can be anything from security or in my case data loss. Hopefully this article can help business owners prepare for both the benefits and complications associated with Cloud Computing.

  2. There is no denying that in order to obtain the full benefits of cloud computing, you MUST have someone on your IT team who knows exactly what they are doing and have set up a plan that can ensure that everything works without fault. Cloud computing has been a major influence in my company, but also has brought some challenges that due to our lack of planning we did not expect.

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