Windows Server 2003 – Time to Upgrade

Windows Server 2003 Shutdown Forever

Windows Server 2003, released in 2003 is nearing its end of life/end of support. This means that users of Windows Server 2003 will not receive patches, security updates or support moving forward as of the soon approaching – July 2015. As a business owner, you should never continue to run software that is no longer supported as it exposes you to very real financial risks that cannot be mitigated. When software cannot be patched or supported it leaves you in a precarious situation:

  • No Support Option – When a product is put in end of support you can no longer obtain support for bug and vulnerabilities. This leaves you in a very difficult position for managing your mission critical applications when the vendor no longer backs you up.
  • Perpetual Zero Day – Zero day vulnerabilities are vulnerabilities that are not yet know by the vendor of the software itself but are known by cybercriminals and other malicious actors. This translates to your unpatched, unsupported Windows 2003 servers being perpetually vulnerable to exploitation. Think boundless risk and costs.
  • Compliance Headaches – If you are in a regulated industry where compliance is important then running EOL/EOS software generally leaves you out of compliance. PCI, HIPAA, MA Privacy Directive among others require that you patch, update and secure your systems – this isn’t possible when the software is no longer supported.

Microsoft states it best: As of, July 14, 2015, all Windows Server 2003 support, including security updates and security-related hotfixes, will end.

Simply put;  its time to plan to upgrade if you haven’t already.

Many Paths Forward

Thankfully we live in a time of IT options a plenty. One can upgrade to Windows Server 2012, deploy one of many cloud options such as Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Rackspace (among others) – in private, public or hybrid configurations. At Evolutionary IT, we don’t have a single long term customer who isn’t already migrated to a supported, stable and fully patched operating system. Your IT provider or department should always be proactively addressing these issues well before known deadlines. Contact us to learn how we can help or join our mailing list for monthly updates on IT issues critical to your business.

Joseph P. Guarino has a long history of producing business results with the application of information technology. Joseph's expertise span over 15 years in the private sector at leading technology firms and consulting organization. With Evolutionary IT, he saw a market need to bring his transformative knowledge and expertise to firms in the New England area and worldwide. Joseph is driven by a strong desire to see customer's thrive with the best business solutions. Evolutionary IT evolved out of this desire to bring a new level of quality IT solutions, align them with business goals and give customer's a competitive edge.
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