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Key Marketing Trend for 2014 – Content Marketing

I was recently asked by a customer about the key trend in SEO(Search Engine Optimization)/SEM(Search Engine Marketing) for 2014. From my perspective, there is one critical thing organizations should focus on – content marketing. In days past many would claim content is king. The wisdom of the past was that optimizing web the findablity of content was the critical effort of any Internet marketing effort. In 2014, I have to disagree. Content isn’t just king –it’s CONTENT MARKETING that is king. Content marketing is about authentically communicating value through web content, articles, video, etc. with the goal of building relationship with and eventually – acquiring customers. I think often Marketing professionals forget that like SEO/SEM isn’t a one time thing but an ongoing process. Our “process” should be to develop relationship with customers via content that brings them value and expounds on benefits we offer along the way. This isn’t a single campaign or effort but an ongoing strategic effort. That is why content marketing is the biggest focus in SEM for 2014 in my opinion. Not any technical trick, capacity or shortcut. Quality content. Nothing more nothing less.

5 thoughts on “Key Marketing Trend for 2014 – Content Marketing”

  1. Content Marketing has become such a huge part in everything I do for my business personally. I run a small networking site in my area and content is what drives my engagement. Its great for my SEO and Fantastic for my SMM.

  2. Lauren Rhodes

    You’re absolutely right! I still remember when marketers used to get away with posting random low quality articles, and still received desirable results. Nowadays, not only must your content be of par with the leaders in your niche, but you must also have a plan for how to market your content, which is neverending.

  3. Jamie Sockett

    I love that things have changed the way that they have. Whilst it would be nice to still be able to just keep cranking out semi-decent content and get great results, now blog owners are more focused on genuinely giving value to their readers. Hopefully, this will mean that the Internet continues to become a place rich with information, and that users will have an easier time finding what they are looking for.

  4. I’ve said it from the very beginning, provide value and quality content and you can never go far wrong. People only share content that they have personally gained from, and they will get a bad reputation if they spread low quality content to their friends and acquaintances. Hence, if you really want to succeed, you need to consider this, and ensure that all of your content is worth sharing.

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