Dental Marketing – Marketing Strategy in 5 Easy Steps

Often in my professional circles I hear misinformed notions of what marketing really is. Many think that a Google PPC campaign is the be and end all of modern “marketing.” Of course as a Marketing and SEO/SEM pro I can vouch for its powerful and effective results and I am happy to hear people embracing technology. The truth is that it is only one part of the marketing puzzle. To be effective, connecting consumers with any good or service should happen on many levels and through multiple avenues. Dental marketing is no exception to this truism.

Key Point to Dental Practice Marketing Strategy:

Have a marketing plan
Without a plan you have no organized effort and directive to follow and will find your direction – dubious.

Know your demographics/psycho graphics
Know your consumer/patients inside out and then you can communicate with them more effectively.

Use a mix of avenues
Market to your consumers from many angles with a mix of traditional advertising, viral marketing, email marketing, Internet marketing, public relations, etc. There is no one size fits all solution and no single avenue to successful marketing, its a mix of avenues, technologies and processes.

Have a measurable goal
Having a nebulous goal will yield equally ambiguous results. A trusted partner can more easily help you arrive at your goals.

Work with a qualified professional
Only seasoned firms with Marketing expertise in these many areas produce marked results.

I hope you have come to the conclusion that dental marketing isn’t a simple unidimensional endeavor. Developing the right mix can make your practice ever more profitable.

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