Social Media For Dentists Part II

From working with dental, medical practices for the past 15 years, (and owing one myself) I understand how hard it is to wear many hats. Often things we ought do fall by the wayside because of of more pressing day to day tasks. This is particularly true for Marketing in the modern dental practice and more specifically; in utilizing social media as a key component of comprehensive marketing strategy.

Most practices don’t know where to begin with what seems like an overly daunting task. It doesn’t have to be. A simple strategy involves the following 4 easy steps:

  1. Know your goals/targets
    Simple quantifiable goals and an clear objective. Knowing this before you begin is fundamental to having any measure of success via this medium. Engaging your patients via social media will give you a very clear understanding of our target customers/patients.
  2. Connect and engage customers/patients with relevant information
    Connect with patients and give them relevant information, tips, promotions, blog posts, video, etc. while fostering the doctor/patient relationship. The very nature of social media will often lead to propagation of our message and even further growth.
  3. Encourage sharing
    Encourage patients to share your great information so it grows exponentially. Your information, blog posts, you tube videos, whitepapers, articles should encourage sharing and therefore propel you and your message to the masses.
  4. Gather Feedback/Analytics
    With these simple steps you will be able to start to gather some feedback and analytics to gauge your current/future patient base. Knowing your customers demographics and psychographics gives you an in depth understanding of your current and future prospects.

So does it still sound so daunting? IMHO, the modern dental practice is under-utilizing the powerful medium of social media and would benefit from exploring it more rigorously. What are your thoughts?

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