Disaster Recovery for the Dental Practice Part II

In this the 2nd part of my 3 part discussion on disaster recovery for the dental practice, I will discuss a few more of the misunderstandings that many dentists and dental practice managers hold regarding disaster recovery.

All Server Hardware & Software is Equal
Like investing in stocks or equities not all technology yields the same return. Some technology investments like cheap poorly engineered server, just like a penny stock – only offer a negative return. This is compounded in when dealing with the situations of disaster recovery. For example, a cheap desktop computer running as a “server” that has no hardware redundancy. Further, it may be running a version of the operating system that doesn’t allow for engineering redundancy and fault tolerance. This will consistently cost you more in the case of a disaster. Investing in the highest quality server hardware that fits your budget is always an intelligent decision.

A few software technologies are shining examples of intelligent technology investment in disaster recovery. These technologies make recovering servers, your data, and your dental practice far easier than they once were. Technologies such as virtualization, backup applications, data replication and the cloud allow easy backup and restoration of our server infrastructures with much less headache and time of previous technologies. These technologies also make it easier to restore your systems and drastically improve recovery times. Additionally, in the case of larger offices with much data storage technologies have the option of replicating or copying data to multiple locations for safekeeping for further redundancy.

Planning with a Trusted Provider is Important
Prudent technology decisions are characterized by planning. This is certainly true in disaster recovery. Well conceived technology (hardware/software) make a difference in your ability to recover. Right sizing your technology decision involves working with a qualified IT provider. One who will give you the options and price points and work with you to match those with your budgetary and disaster recovery goals. Don’t go it alone in disaster recovery.

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