What Is Your Disaster Recovery Plan – Irene’s Gentle Reminder

Hurricane Irene - Do you have a Disaster Recovery Plan?When a disaster comes is your business ready? Hurricane Irene recently caused severe damage to parts of New England totaling over >$15 billion in damages. Many businesses were not ready, had no comprehensive disaster plan, and no real way to recover business operations. Would your customers, clients or partners be assured you have done your due diligence and prepared a proper disaster recovery plan? My customers always have one.

Seems like every time we near a disaster I get a influx of calls and emails to address these issues with new customers. If you aren’t currently working with a provider who is equipping you with a proper up-to-date and tested disaster recovery plan – its time to consider a change. Disaster planning isn’t optional or frivolous expenditure; its vital to the survival of your business. What’s your plan?

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