Are you a PC gamer? Survey now closed…

If you are a gamer, I am looking for your feedback with a short 10 minute survey. Open Source software has had a tremendous influence in nearly every area of computing – including the gaming space. The goal of this survey is to get a deeper understanding of the current general perception of Free and Open Source games. It is my hope that the survey results help reflect and constructively improve the state of Open Source gaming.

Survey now closed

NOTE: This survey is anonymous and the results are intended to help us better understand the FOSS community. The insights of this survey will be detailed in my presentation on FOSS games at the Southern California Linux Expo (SCALE) as well as archived online.  For further details see the SCALE website:

Survey now closed!
This survey is now closed as of 02/16/09. The prize winner will be notified on 02/17/09. Thank you to all who participated!

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