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Technology, just like the world of medicine — is constantly evolving. Being on top of technological challenges can make the discernible difference in the success and profitability of your healthcare business. Therefore, a trusted and expert IT partner with the expertise to guide you through these challenges is vital. Proper application of technology can improve your bottom line and patient outcomes. Let Evolutionary IT be your guide to the sometimes daunting world of Healthcare IT.

Evolutionary IT has the expertise to bring your healthcare practice to a whole new level of efficiency and profitability. Healthcare practices suffer from so many antiquated process that represent clear opportunities for improved efficiency and cost reduction. Healthcare Information Technology can reduce or eliminate these inefficiencies and help build your healthcare practice. Evolutionary IT can help with solutions in the following areas:

Data Backup & Recovery

Backup is critical for the survivability of any healthcare organization in the face of today’s risks. Whether it is a natural disaster, cybercrimal attack or errant technology – data loss is an ever present threat. Evolutionary IT provides full service backup and recovery to keep your organization safe from today’s threats so you can rest easy and focus on the success of your healthcare practice.

Desktop & End User Support

Many healthcare IT organizations don’t maintain internal IT staff or help desk. Evolutionary IT can provide this on demand IT expertise on demand. We serve as your on demand help desk on call 24/7, 365 days a year. We are your help desk on demand, actively keeping your technology working for you.

Dental Technology Support

The modern dental practice maintains a strong reliance on Information Technology. We at Evolutionary IT deeply understand your needs from over 20 years in this industry. We’ve got you all covered for your day to day dental practice IT needs. Dental hardware, dental software, operations – we have your back.

Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity

Disasters are a reality that require planning and concerted effort. Nature and human induced disasters can post a significant threat to any organization that doesn’t plan to recover from them. Evolutionary IT will give you the people, process and technology to survive these supernumerary risks with our managed services disaster recovery and business continuity planning for your healthcare practice. You can rest easy with an expert partner in your corner.

Healthcare IT Solutions

Today’s healthcare organizations have a strong reliance on technology. Whatever your technology need Evolutionary IT has the managed services expertise to keep your technology up and running. With our nearly 30 years in the Healthcare IT field our health care IT managed services will take away your technology challenges so you can focus on building your practice.

Information Security

Today’s healthcare world is riddled with a nearly infinite web of complex threats. Organizations face malware, APT’s (advanced persistent threats), and internal threats to name just a few. With the deluge of healthcare IT risks it’s important to work with a partner that will keep you covered. Managed Anti-malware, APT protection, advance UTM firewalls are among the many managed Healthcare IT solutions we provide.  Evolutionary IT has the defense in depth solutions to keep you safe in the face of today’s ever present threats.

Managed Cloud Computing Service

Most healthcare organizations have some IT presence in the world of cloud computing. Managing disparate cloud options can often be a tremendous technical headache. At Evolutionary IT we have the expertise to solve your cloud computing difficulties with our fully managed service cloud computing services.  Got data Amazon AWS, Servers in Google Cloud Platform or even Microsoft Azure we have you covered with our managed service for cloud computing.

Network & Infrastructure Management

Your network, servers and desktops are critical to your healthcare organizations. Downtime isn’t just annoying – it has a significant cost and real world consequence. Many healthcare organizations don’t have the staff or resources to keep things up and running as the business requires. Evolutionary IT’s expert team can solve these IT/technology problems with our managed infrastructure and network solutions, so you can get back to running your business.

Regulatory Compliance

Healthcare has very specific regulatory requirements that add significant complexity and headaches to their day to day IT operations. Compliance to SOX, MA Privacy Directive, HIPAA, HITECH or PCI doesn’t have to be a painful or expensive experience. Evolutionary IT has the expertise to provide you with full compliance as a service. Let our experts solve your Healthcare IT compliance headaches.

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