HIPAA Compliance Failures

Many organizations are under the erroneous assumption that they can claim compliance by simply buying an inexpensive software package or set of templates. Others simply attempt to go it alone and comply by reinventing the wheel. Many others assume compliance because they work with a vendor or cloud provider that claims HIPAA compliance. If only HIPAA compliance were so simple.

Applications/Toolkits Fail to Yield Compliance

These inexpensive HIPAA toolkit, software applications or templates leave you far from compliant. Don’t get me wrong, these applications and toolkits can be a place to start but the fail on multiple levels. Applications, toolkits or templates are of little use if the person performing an audit doesn’t have the experience in HIPAA compliance audits, Information Security and legal basics. Without these insights it is much like lay person attempting surgical techniques viewed on Youtube. One thing is for sure, we can assume outcomes will be predictably negative.

DIY HIPAA Compliance

Just as many others try to reinvent the wheel by reading the regulations and interpreting them to the best of their ability. Once again, if they individual lacks technical, legal or related experience in this field – outcomes of any such audit will be less than acceptable. Any DIY HIPAA compliance effort is doomed if it is not accomplished alongside professionals with the experience and expertise to assure compliance.

Assuming Compliance

In this time of cloud computing many covered entities make erroneous assumptions that because they use cloud providers that claim compliance. Fact is, this is very untrue. HIPAA compliance is a bit more complicated and it requires a much more in-depth review of your policies, procedures and technologies. It spans far beyond your cloud providers claims of magical “compliance.” No single technology or service can yield compliance but proactive audits by a qualified professional can assure compliance and most importantly – reduce risk and associated costs.

Should I do and In-house HIPAA Audit?

Of course you can do most anything in-house but you should weigh the risk vs. the reward. With the significant costs of HIPAA violation, it makes more sense to work with a seasoned, experienced HIPAA compliance expert – than go it alone. Need expert HIPAA compliance help? Evolutionary IT is here for you. Connect with Evolutionary IT and we’ll get you on the road to HIPAA compliance today.

2 thoughts on “HIPAA Compliance Failures”

  1. HIPAA compliance is not something that should be half done, or not taken seriously. Just get it done right so you can stop worrying about it for good!

  2. I always take care of HIPAA compliance for my firm and every business person should do it in their own business. Thanks for the info on HIPAA compliance and its failure.

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