Small Business IT Myth – Information Security is For Big Corporations Only

My experience in IT spans nearly 20 years working in everything from the smallest 1 person firm to the largest global multinationals. As a result, I’ve seen how organizations of different sizes deal with the issue of information security. Small businesses more often than not don’t place the same importance on addressing information security as do larger ones. Often this is a question of staff, workload or budgetary concerns but either way it is an issue that the SMB space needs to address more effectively. The following stats detail a not so pretty picture of small business IT where information security is often neglected:

  • 77% of data breaches happen at companies with
  • 85% of small business owner think data breach is unlikely – Small Business Data Protection Survey, The Hartford

Acknowledging these statistical realities is something small businesses need to urgently do. It is important to stress that it isn’t all about huge capital outlays but taking small steps to a more secure future IT infrastructure. What are you doing to get there?

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