Why Network Monitoring

Would you ever drive blindfolded? Most assuredly not. Unfortunately, many IT organizations are effectively doing this on a daily basis by not implementing network monitoring. Alas most networks are careening towards disaster without even knowing it. IT Networks gain much from monitoring their networks that helps both the bottom line, uptime and much more. Monitoring your network gives you deep insight into how it is being used, its performance and what’s working or not. These metrics help you keep your critical systems and networks up/running and problem free. No matter if it is your local network, Internet connection or cloud infrastructure – network monitoring is imperative to keeping your systems running so you can stay productive and profitable.

Why Network Monitoring

Network monitoring can provide many proactive insights into your infrastructure. It answers critical question such as:
Why is my network slow?
Is my email server up or down?
Are people wasting the whole day web surfing?
Is our Internet connection working?
Why am I getting a low disk space error?

Beyond the technical benefits network monitoring provides a few of the key benefits:

Detect & Avoid Performance Issues & Downtime

With proper network monitoring you can gain proactive insight into your IT investment. You will see if it is up or down and how it is performing currently as well as historically. These insights can help you make intelligent decisions on upgrades, updates and future IT investments.

Prevent Business Disruption

Downtime has a quantifiable calculable cost to your business. It’s not just a headache or annoyance but a clear cost to your business. With network monitoring you can proactively have visibility into your network and systems so you can address problems before they become costly or even catastrophic.

Increase Customer Acquisition & Retention

Have you ever called into a business you work with to hear: “Sorry our computers are down right now..” Fact is, if your business non functional due to network or server outage it can really cost your business in customer acquisition and retention. Network monitoring allows you to proactively address issues so this doesn’t happen to you.


Although a network shouldn’t be without some form of Intrusion Detection or Security information and event management (SIEM), network monitoring will give some insights and notifications of security issues. With network monitoring you’ll see patterns and identify problems proactively.

Achieving your SLA & Performance Reporting

Most organizations have some form of service level agreements to meet. Network monitoring allows you to quantify if these services being provided as contracted. Additionally it provides a benefit of allowing you to generate reports of data collected over time. This is of tremendous benefit to tracking and addressing SLA issues as well uncovering technical issues that need addressing.

Beyond simply letting you know what is up or down – network monitoring has many benefits (financial and otherwise) to today’s IT organization. Evolutionary IT provides a variety of managed IT services such as network monitoring, managed security services for today’s small to medium size business. Want to learn more? Contact us or call us toll free at (888) 404 5074.

4 thoughts on “Why Network Monitoring”

  1. Network monitoring is very important tool in every business. It may be a small or big business, network monitoring tool is a great help on maintaining the network safe from cyber criminals and other unnecessary activity inside the network.

  2. Is there a way to monitor network usage of incognito sites? Or even how many times an incognito page is opened? Most people I know will use incognito when surfing the web at work – I guess this makes it a little difficult to monitor all network usage – or is there a way around it?

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