Keeping Your Kids Safe Online – Parental Control Software

Constant queries from friends with children on the subject of parental control software brought me to explain the options in depth on this blog.  In previous posts, I’ve explored the options embedded in your operating system (Windows/OSX) and using your router/firewall for content filtering.  Today I will explore how to use 3rd party software to control & keep safe your child’s Internet experience.

These third party products offer much more elegant options to control a child’s online experience than the two previous options alone.  These advanced features include:

Blocking objectionable content
Managing and observing activities
Scheduling allowed Internet access
Monitor online activities

Three products do this very well and offer advanced features you may need to protect your child’s online experience.   Depending on the features you seek, one of the three may best meet your needs:

Spectator Pro – Windows/Mac/Mobile
Net Nanny – Windows/Mac/Mobile
Web Watcher –  Windows

All are great programs but your needs should match the chosen application.  It is my hope that you demo which ever one that most closely fits your parental control needs.  A happy and safe Internet experience will then awaits your children.  Let me know how it goes!

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