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Marketing is the art and science of communicating the value you deliver to your customers and proactively developing and managing that relationship.  Evolutionary IT takes a multi-pronged holistic approach to connecting you with your customers and delivering you and your businesses measured results.  We can help with everything from Direct Mail to Search Engine Optimization/Social Media Optimization and everything in between.  All marketing efforts require a holistic approach and our broad understanding of them can be your competitive advantage.  Evolutionary IT offers a full range of Marketing/E-Marketing Services including but not limited to:

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) – Interactions with customers can make or break your business.  Tracking these interactions can be a goal mine for improving on your efforts in sales, marketing efforts.  Internally CRM can help with improving training, performance management, HR efforts and even compensation mechanisms.  Customer relationship management software fundamentally allows you better understand and serve your customers.  Whether you are a Fortune 500 company or a small business, Evolutionary IT can help.

Direct Mail – Direct mail is an effective, tested method to get in touch with your customer base.  In order to be effective you need to properly target the right consumer with a compelling message.  As part of a marketing mix, Evolutionary IT can help you produce results from targeted direct mail activities.

Email and Newsletter Marketing –  Communicating with customers is vital to building your brand, realizing sales and the continued growth and success of your business.  Email and newsletter marketing is a highly cost effect medium for connecting with your customers.  Evolutionary IT has the expertise to get you there.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)/SEM (Search Engine Marketing) –  Is your website visible in the search engines?  More importantly are you gaining customers from your Internet efforts?  Building a web presence is much more than putting up a website.  Evolutionary IT knows the art and science of optimizing your site and its content to maximize your conversions or customers.  Let Evolutionary IT show you how!

Pay per click (PPC) – PPC (Pay Per Click) Internet advertising via search engines, advertising networks or content partners.  Understanding how to properly frame a PPC campaign and gauge its results is the difference between wasteful spending and sales success.  Evolutionary IT can help you build conversions not just clicks.  Evolutionary IT doesn’t just build clicks we build customers.

Organic Search Optimization – PPC advertisements alone cannot build a customer base.  Consumers need to find your company on all the major search engines (SERP) Search Engine Result Pages, outside of the context of advertisements.  Organic search optimization is critical to any digital marketing campaign and Evolutionary IT can show you the way.

SMO (Social Media Optimization) – Social media websites (Facebook, Myspace, Linkedin) are not just fun and games, they mean big business.  Businesses can use Social Media to virally promote a product, connect with like minded consumers, even sell product.  Evolutionary IT can help your business get a handle on how to use Social Media as part of your marketing mix.

Podcast and Vidcast – Multimedia content is an extremely effective way to market your companies efforts.  Customers look to industry players that are hip to the trends and speak to their needs and multimedia is no exception.  Let Evolutionary IT show you how you can connect with customers via Podcast and Videocasts.

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