Free Guest Wi-Fi for Marketing Your Business

Free Wi-Fi as a Marketing ToolMany of our clients ask if they should provide free Wi-Fi at their company. My strong suggestion is always yes. Providing Wireless Internet for your business can be a very powerful and inexpensive way to build customer loyalty and market your business. Remember most of your clients, customers have a smart phone, tablet or even laptop and are always connected. Wherever they go they want to be connected and able to access the Internet, email and social networking. Giving them the option to use free Wi-Fi while they are in your establishment can be a powerful marketing opportunities for your business.

Marketing with Wi-Fi

Free wireless provides an easy way for you to Market and Advertise at an extremely low cost. This is easily done with a captive portal page on your network. A captive portal is simply a welcome page that a user would have to see first before connecting to the Internet. You may have seen this visiting any of the major chain restaurants who have done this for many years. These are customized and uniquely branded to your exact experience allowing you to powerfully deliver any marketing message you like – with impact. That message could be:

  • Encourage customer brand awareness via a special coupon offer
  • Build your brand via educating the customer to your other services
  • Build your social media presence by offering links with direct incentives
  • Marketing with video on your captive portal
  • Get customer to sign up for you mailing list
  • Virtually any action you might desire…

Opportunity Knocks

Given that advertising and marketing in any form is never cheap why not be able to create your own unique Marketing/Advertising message economically and effectively — via a captive portal in your Free Wi-Fi.

Joseph P. Guarino has a long history of producing business results with the application of information technology. Joseph's expertise span over 15 years in the private sector at leading technology firms and consulting organization. With Evolutionary IT, he saw a market need to bring his transformative knowledge and expertise to firms in the New England area and worldwide. Joseph is driven by a strong desire to see customer's thrive with the best business solutions. Evolutionary IT evolved out of this desire to bring a new level of quality IT solutions, align them with business goals and give customer's a competitive edge.
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