Novastor Partnership – Best of Breed Server, Storage & Cloud Backup

We are happy to announce a new partnership with market leader Novastor. Novastor offers PC and server backup in standard servers, virtualization, NAS storage backup and cloud backup. We are happy to develop this partnership and bring you another best of breed backup solution.

From the small business to the enterprise Novastar has got you covered. Traditional IT desktop, Windows server (SQL & Exchange) and virtualization (VMware, Hyper-V). Solutions also exist for NAS storage and both private and public cloud backup. Novastar has stellar support, simple fair pricing model and a repuation of putting customers first. You will quickly find that it upends any competitor.

Learn more at the Novastor website.

3 thoughts on “Novastor Partnership – Best of Breed Server, Storage & Cloud Backup”

  1. I am also thinking to add a backup server to track down all data of my import-export business. Last year one of our PC vanished so I had to face many difficulties due to loss of data. I am interested in Novastor cloud storage, can you tell me about its features and pricing. Thank you.

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