SEO & Social Media Marketing for Open Source at Texas Linux Fest

Texas Linux Fest 2014

I’m happy to be speaking this year (06/14/14) at the Texas Linux Fest detailing how the open source community can use the power of SEO and Social Media to grow its effort. As a member/supporter of many open source community I’m honored to be able to share my insights to highlight this outstanding software.

SEO & Social Media Marketing for Open Source

Free and open source software is of the well-source of most of the technological innovation of our day but sometimes it doesn’t shine in the limelight. Unfortunately, much of our amazing work doesn’t get the press, media or financial attention it deserves. In this presentation I’ll outline the basics of SEO/SEM (Search Engine Optimization/Search Engine Marketing) and social media marketing and show how we can better exploit these marketing methods for our communities success. You will leave with the skills to get your project found online, grow your community organically and most of all – spread the word on our amazing open source efforts.

For time and location see the Texas Linux Fest website.

Big thanks to all attendees and the Texas Linux Fest for a wonderful conference! The slides are available in the media archive.

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