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Citrix Partnership – Cloud, Networking, VDI, Virtualization

We are proud to announce that Evolutionary IT has partnered with leading technology firm Citrix to bring best of breed solutions to our customers. Citrix is a market-leading cloud, networking and virtualization technologies that are transforming how people, businesses and IT work and collaborate in… Continue reading

Rogue Cloud & Cloud Sprawl Examined Part II

Cloud Computing Sprawl via BYOD Cloud computing yields many benefits such as improved affordability, flexibility, and scalability. But with these many blessings, when improperly implemented – come some risks,. Truth be told, the move to the cloud isn’t the problem as much as the way… Continue reading

Rogue Cloud & Cloud Sprawl Examined Part I

IT infrastructure decisions diffused throughout an organization without centralized leadership and expertise are always dubious. The decision to invest in technologies involves understanding of many fundamentals that are often not understood (different word) beyond the expertise of IT leadership. Would we entrust our financial leadership… Continue reading

Cloud Vendor Lock-in – Beware!

The promise and potential of cloud computing technology is great but vendor lock-in is a very real and sometimes unexamined risk. Without question, cloud computing represents an evolutionary step in most respects but it comes with it some caveats. As with most technologies, it is… Continue reading

Cloud Computing Means IT Evolved

Many Information Technology workers and IT departments are outwardly hostile to cloud computing and cloud technologies. Erroneously, they assume that it is another technology that means the end of jobs in the IT sector – I couldn’t disagree more. Misguided high level self-titled management consultants… Continue reading

Cloud Computing Explained Presentation

I am excited to announce that I will be speaking at the Cambridge Science Festival in April 2012.  Please join us for the free and fun exploration of the cloud computing basics for the end user and small business. I hope you check out all… Continue reading