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Ten Windows 10 Fails and How to Fix Them

As of July 30th Microsoft officially released Windows 10 to much fanfare. As I blogged before, upgrading to it is only for those who want to live on the bleeding edge. If you are one of those brave people who took the plunge you may… Continue reading

Rogue Cloud & Cloud Sprawl Examined Part II

Cloud Computing Sprawl via BYOD Cloud computing yields many benefits such as improved affordability, flexibility, and scalability. But with these many blessings, when improperly implemented – come some risks,. Truth be told, the move to the cloud isn’t the problem as much as the way… Continue reading

Cloud Computing Isn’t the Death of the IT Department

Sometimes when unauthentic, less than reputable sales people call me to pitch their latest and greatest, I like to listen to their pitch and chuckle inside.  Recently I got a call from a self-professed cloud computing “expert” sales man. His pitch and the exchange went… Continue reading