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Equifax Breach – What to Do

In July 2017 credit reporting giant Equifax suffered a data breach of epic proportions. Data breaches happen every day but usually not on this scale, magnitude and impact. This breach is very big deal. The data involved in this breach was highly sensitive personally identifiable… Continue reading

Defending Your Company From Ransomware

A recent high profile ransomware attacks at Ho11ywood Presbyterian has lessons for organization in healthcare and elsewhere. This organization is but one of the hundreds of thousands that have fallen victim to this type of malware. Ransomware is a particularly pernicious type of malware that… Continue reading

Tis the Season for Malware & Phishing

During every holiday season there is an unfortunate surge in malware and cybercriminal activity. As we the lawful consumers gear up to show our thanks and generosity to our friends and family cybercriminals lie in wait to thieve at every email, page and click. With… Continue reading