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SEO & Social Media Marketing for Open Source at Texas Linux Fest

I’m happy to be speaking this year (06/14/14) at the Texas Linux Fest detailing how the open source community can use the power of SEO and Social Media to grow its effort. As a member/supporter of many open source community I’m honored to be able… Continue reading

Key Marketing Trend for 2014 – Content Marketing

I was recently asked by a customer about the key trend in SEO(Search Engine Optimization)/SEM(Search Engine Marketing) for 2014. From my perspective, there is one critical thing organizations should focus on – content marketing. In days past many would claim content is king. The wisdom… Continue reading

Dental Marketing – Marketing Strategy in 5 Easy Steps

Often in my professional circles I hear misinformed notions of what marketing really is. Many think that a Google PPC campaign is the be and end all of modern “marketing.” Of course as a Marketing and SEO/SEM pro I can vouch for its powerful and… Continue reading