– Mr. Postel is smiling at you…

Sometime life just gives us unexpected comedy nuggets in the most random of places. For example, the other day I was walking home from a client and I stumbled upon a company car with the following logo on its backside:

Tom isn't getting his mail lately... Lol!

Tom isn


508.555.1212 (obfuscated to protect the innocent)

What is wrong here you ask? If you are not technically inclined you may not notice immediately what is wrong with this email address, so please let me explain. Tom, I am sure went through much trouble to buy a domain, build a website and even setup an email address with his cool new company name. However, when he had it printed on his company car he didn’t properly specify the email address. Tom may be wondering why he isn’t getting much mail? This is because he specified a gTLD (Generic Top Level Domain) and not his own registered company domain (correct) vs (incorrect). We can be assured that the venerable John Postel (one of the founding fathers of key internet technologies such as DNS) is rolling over in his grave…laughing. =P

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