Virtualization Solutions

Virtualization SolutionsVirtualization is a game changing technology allowing us to improve efficiency, reduce costs and simplify our IT infrastructures. No longer do we have to expend volumes on server, networking gear and even desktops – now we can purchase less and gain more in efficiently utilizing that infrastructure.

Why Virtualize

There are many issues that bring the need for virtualization to the for in the modern IT department. A few are:
Server Sprawl – Too many servers and inefficient utilization virtualization can make a deep impact.
Complex Infrastructure – Moving away from complexity will yield cost savings and reduce headaches.
Push to Reduce IT Operational Costs – With a seemingly ever shrinking IT budget reducing IT operation costs through Virtualization is a no brainer.

Virtualization Benefits

Virtualization has a variety of benefits among which are some of the following. Exploring your options with virutalization can be a powerful option.
Cost Reduction – Lower your TCO and improve ROI.
Improved Service Levels – Maximize your uptime with intelligent virtualization.
Simplify Management – Reduce your systems and network headaches and associated costs.
Improved Disaster Recovery – Improve your disaster recovery through virtualization.
Ease of Cloud Integration/Migration – Go public or private cloud and any mix therein with virtualization.

The Future is Virualization

According to Gartner in 2014 close to 60% of workloads will be virtualized
A study by Solarwinds showed nearly 80% of virualized environments are growing at a rate of 10-50 virtual machines a year. Another survey from VMWare showed that organizations that virtualize reduced their operating costs by 25% over those with a traditional physical environments.

How Evolutionary IT Can Help

Virtualization Management – With the rise of virtualization comes management challenges. Evolutionary IT brings the tools and experience to solve those problems for your enterprise.

Virtualization Backup & Disaster Recovery – Backup and disaster recovery within a virtualized infrastructure can be drastically improved. Our expertise can help you achieve significant improvements in this space.

Virtualized Networking – Just as with server infrastructure our networking infrastructure can increasingly go virtual reducing cost and complexity. Let us be your expert partner and guide.

Virtual Desktop Environments (VDI) – Desktop systems can be expensive and inefficient way to provide end users with a productive computing environment. Utilizing virtualization technology you can reduce your costs, improve your security.

Virtualization Security – With virtualization comes many new security challenges which require addressing. Evolutionary IT will guide you to reducing your risk while enjoying all the benefits of virtualization.

Virtualization & Cloud – Virtualization offers a path way to a centralized and flexible IT environment with both public and private cloud. Evolutionary IT will help you reduce your capital expenditures and improving the return on your IT investment. Strategic use of both cloud computing and virtualization can help drive the success of your organization while reducing your overall IT investment.

Spend your time and money on building your business and not on managing technology headaches. So contact us today or give us a call toll free at 888.404.5074.